Thermoplastic Applications

Thermoplastic Applications

A number of road marking options including Paint, Thermo Plastic-Spray and Extrusion up to 5mm thickness are applications available with our purpose built machines. 

The thermoplastic road marking is very common. Different from cold paint road marking, its construction needs a complete set of numerical equipment to complete the construction steps from melting to marking. This basic combination is usually composed of a thermoplastic pre-heater, road marker (including the zebra crossing marker), pre-marking machine and primer.

According to different marking ways, the thermoplastic road marking machinery can be divided into thermoplastic screeding type, thermoplastic extrusion type and thermoplastic spraying type. These three types can be again divided into marking truck, driving type, self-propelled type and hand-push type in terms of different automation degree, functional configuration, construction quality and efficiency.

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